A Letter to The LSA Family

Dear LSA Alumni,

What a year… In March of 2020 our daily lives were put on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices sent employees home, schools suspended classes, non-essential travel was cancelled and so much more changed in our daily lives. The expectation was that this pause would be temporary, and that we would soon be back to business as usual. Then we did go back to usual and even attempted FIESTA! But here we are, a full year and a half later, with more questions than answers.

We cannot pretend to understand just how deeply, or subtly, this past year has impacted our colleagues, but it has certainly impacted every one of us. For the LSA Alumni Association, 2020 was to be a year of restructuring, establishing committees and officer roles, building up our membership and creating the value our esteemed alumni network deserves. And things were going well, we had a plan, and we were starting to execute on it. But alas, in the wake of the first wave, and the whirlwind of added responsibilities and stressors on many of our lives, it was decided to put the Alumni Association on pause. We approached this decision with the same spirit of it being temporary, and the hope that we would soon be back to rebuilding the Alumni Association. But here we are, a full year and a half later…

With most of us vaccinated and a renewed enthusiasm from our chamber community, it is time for us to begin the work that we put on pause in 2020. We have had conversations with the Greater Chamber and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce about our plan moving forward, and they have given us their full support. The purpose of this message is to re-engage with you, our LSA Alumni, and learn about those things that you would like to see in 2022 and beyond. We need volunteers to sit on our board and lead our various committees. With your brainpower and creativity, we can achieve great things.


In the first quarter of 2020, Michele Autenrieth Brown sent out a survey to our LSA Alumni network. https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-ZXNR5F9N7/

Based on alumni feedback, below are the three main priorities that we have for the Alumni Association in 2021-22:

  1. To reconnect Alumni to their class and provide networking opportunities with other classes – both virtual and in-person as appropriate.
  2. To create a robust membership directory, to grow the Alumni network beyond just your class year. This directory will be exclusive to LSA Alumni members and is in development now.
  3. To create programming and service opportunities that allow Alumni to relive the best parts of their class year.

We hope that you see the value in joining the LSA Alumni Association and follow our news and events here https://www.leadershipsa.org/alumni-association/ and we look forward to hearing back from you about ways to create value, together. If you want to be involved, please reach out to me at Juan@CanoDevelopment.net  or text me at 210-860-6788.


Juan E. Cano