Due to the extension of LSA Class 45 into 2021, applications for LSA Class 46 will be available in the Fall of 2021.

LSA seeks individuals dedicated to serving their community. Participants of the program will be given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the San Antonio area. This coming year, LSA will be dedicated to exploring the long-term goals and promise of San Antonio. Rather than examining the latest developments and short-term urban trends impacting our city, LSA will consider the issues and trends that will impact San Antonio over the next generation of its populace. Whether it’s the impact of changing demographics on our natural resources and infrastructure, the correlation between elementary school reading levels and workforce development, the effects of technology on health care for an aging populace, or the long-term development of our urban core, LSA aims to tackle San Antonio’s future…today.

LSA is limited to approximately 50 participants annually. Acceptance into the program is based on a subjective assessment of the information each applicant provides in this application, as well as a second round in-person interview, if selected.

The LSA Selection Committee is comprised of LSA Alumni. The selection is highly competitive with more applicants than class positions, therefore applicants who are not accepted are highly encouraged to reapply the following year.

The applicant acknowledges that attendance is MANDATORY during all class days, retreats, and class day planning sessions. Absence at any of these scheduled events, without advance approval from Chamber staff and the LSA Co-Chairs, on more than one (1) occasion may result in expulsion from the class, ability to complete the remaining class days, as well as lose an opportunity complete the program, without reimbursement of tuition and fees. Your participation in the program reflects on the LSA program itself, as well as you individually and within your organization. Please be mindful of the time commitment prior to applying.

Engaging in improper, threatening and/or harassing behavior at any LSA event may lead to removal from the program without reimbursement of tuition and fees.

The employer approves of the agreement above, which acknowledges the time commitment of the Leadership San Antonio program required by their employee as a participant. The employer also acknowledges that failure to join at least one of the sponsoring Chambers of Commerce within 30 days of employee’s selection and remain a member in good standing throughout the entire class year will result in the participant’s immediate dismissal from the program. Employer agrees to hold applicant (employer) accountable, if accepted, to show a high level of participation and engagement within the program.

Mandatory Attendance Dates:
Retreats include overnight accommodations.
Class day commitment will be from approximately 7am to 5pm with optional after-hours events from 5-7pm.

  • Have lived in and/or worked in the San Antonio area for at least one year at the time of the application.
  • Persons related by marriage may not apply for the same class year.
  • Within 30 days of selection, you must become a member of one of the sponsoring Chambers of Commerce (either Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or San Antonio Chamber of Commerce – membership in both is encouraged) and remain a member in good standing throughout the entire LSA year. Failure to remain a member will jeopardize participation in LSA and/or final graduation.
  • Show a sincere interest in and commitment to improving the community.
  • Have the desire to increase service to the community through holding key leadership positions.
  • Present a clear vision for the development and growth of San Antonio.
  • Applicants must submit a $50 non-refundable application fee due with the application
  • Class members accepted into LSA must submit a non-refundable tuition fee of $2250.00 payable to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.
Formal written requests must be submitted within 30 days of selection into the program for:
  1. Payment plans: bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments.
  2. Small Business, Non-Profit 501(c)3, Veteran, and Minority Owned Needs Based Scholarships for partial and full tuition.

If not already a member of either sponsoring Chamber, a separate membership fee will be required which will vary upon desired level of membership within 30 days of notice of selection.


  • September 20, 2021
    Application Open (prior to “live” status – we recommend to work on 2-3 Letters of recommendation, ready to be uploaded digitally for application)
  • October 18, 2021
    Application Deadline – noon CST (incomplete applications will NOT be considered)
  • November 15, 2021
    Semifinalists Interviews | 8am – 12pm & 1pm – 5pm | Location: TBD
  • No later than the week of November 29, 2021
    Applicants notified of program standing
  • December 2021 (TBD)
    Announcement of LSA Class 46 Members and Welcome Reception (Time/Location: TBD)
  • January 2022-October 2022
    LSA 46 Program Year

Serving on the LSA Steering Committee is a great honor and privilege. The most rewarding part has been helping to guide class members on their journey as community leaders. It’s amazing to witness the personal ‘aha’ moments, discovery of new passions and close working relationships that evolve through the year. I can’t wait to see what transformative leaders these class members will become!

Kara Hill Director, Executive Accounts, CPS Energy, LSA 36 Steering Committee