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LSA was created in 1975 by The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce to help identify and develop community leaders and is now considered the premier program for existing and emerging leaders in the Bexar County and surrounding areas. The program, one of the first of its kind in Texas, has graduated more than 1500 participants and focuses on delivering these leaders an opportunity to develop an understanding of the promise and challenges of our community. The program goes beyond personal and professional development and, as its goal, educates and informs these leaders in the vital areas affecting San Antonio, as well as encouraging Chamber Business involvement and Community advocacy. In 1992, The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber joined to be a co-host to the program, enhancing the involvement and diversity of future classes.

For 44 years, LSA has provided a forum in which leaders with diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view come together in a neutral setting, examine the nature and inner workings of San Antonio, and discuss the issues, challenges, and problems facing our community. LSA does not attempt to create a consensus of opinions or promote any specific issue or project; the program seeks to open lines of communication and thought among participants in order to foster a network of alumni with a similar body of experience and a greater sense of community. Through the LSA process, participants gain insight from present and future decision-makers in both the public and private sectors and are better prepared to lead San Antonio into the future by using their broader understanding of our diverse community.

LSA class participants are selected from all segments of the community and must have demonstrated leadership and held responsible positions in their chosen profession. LSA seeks people dedicated to serving their community and applicants must show a sincere commitment and desire to increase their level of service by assuming key leadership positions.

In its 44-year history, LSA’s primary goal remains the same – to help mold sensitive, responsible and committed leaders and ensure a prosperous future for San Antonio.



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I love serving as a member of the LSA’s steering committee because it’s experiencing Leadership San Antonio all over again, but through the eyes of another class. To be able to support a very diverse group of amazing and talented leaders in San Antonio as they go through this journey is truly an honor.

Jenny Carnes, SVP/COO, San Antonio Sports, LSA 44 Steering Committee

Jul 25, 2019|By LSA

Eco-Devo Service Day

Team Eco-Devo spent this morning taking a tour and volunteering at Boysville; organized by the Chief Development Officer (and Eco-Devo team member), Beth Green. Beth led the team to our special assignment… “Mission Clean the Barn”. The barn was previously used for 4H, but since...
Jun 14, 2019|By LSA

LSA Crosses Paths with Bioscience, Medicine, and Healthcare

Members of Leadership San Antonio 44 recently completed their fifth class, focusing on Bioscience, Medicine and Healthcare. The class began the day at The Rim where they enjoyed Quick Sip cold brew coffee, and refreshments provided by Zedric’s before heading to University Health System (UHS)....
May 17, 2019|By LSA

LSA Explores Sustainability and Technology

Leadership San Antonio rocked their way through a fourth program day while exploring the issues, challenges, and possibilities around sustainability, infrastructure, and technology. Specifically, participants were asked to consider how to balance the tug of war between technology, sustainability, and infrastructure while also weighing the...