LSA 48 met for Education Day, aka Day of the Recess Rebels! Because if you’re educated, then Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Our mission is to transform San Antonio’s education system into the most connected, accessible, equitable, and relevant model. We strive to highlight the significant strides our education system has made, identify the remaining challenges, and empower our community to actively participate in bridging the gaps from childhood, K-12, college, to careers.

Morning Session: Understanding Our Current Landscape

Our day began with Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia guiding us through the session “Where We Are.” We delved into the current state of education, learning about the Alamo Promise initiative, which provides free access to college. Dr. Baray, CEO of Pre-K 4 SA, provided insights into early childhood development, discussing the accomplishments and ongoing challenges within the Independent School Districts (ISD).

Our cohort, consisting of 80 classmates, Steering Committee members, and students from Bexar County Fostering Educational Success, engaged in enriching table conversations, sharing perspectives and ideas on advancing our educational landscape.

Afternoon Session: Envisioning the Future

The afternoon session, held at Pedrotti’s, focused on “Where We’re Headed.” Moderated by Katie Ferrier from the Greater San Antonio Chamber, we learned about UTSA’s Bold Promise for free access to college from UTSA Senior Vice Provost for Student Success Dr. Tammy Wyatt; heard more about K-12 from former Somerset ISD Dr. Saul Hinojosa; about pathways to college and careers from Romanita Matta Barrera at greaterSATX, and the challenges of talent in the industry from Gracie Lozano from USAA.

A standout example of connecting education to real-world applications was showcased at O’Connor High School’s agriculture technology program. We witnessed firsthand the impact of hands-on education through student presentations in ag mechanics, meat and floral labs, stock show, and FFA classes, demonstrating the tangible benefits of practical learning.

Concluding the Day with Celebration and Reflection

Our day concluded with a vibrant “end-of-day recess” at Chicken N Pickle, enlivened by the Sul Ross Mariachi Band. This event highlighted the importance of cultural and extracurricular activities in education, showcasing students’ talents and their contributions to the community.

Addressing Social Determinants of Mental Health

A recurring theme throughout the day was the “social determinants of mental health.” We learned that students who find a sense of belonging perform better academically and socially. The hands-on, relevant projects and collaborations we observed among Pre-K, K-12, colleges, industry, academia, and non-profits are crucial in equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Moving Forward

We have made incredible progress, but there is always room for improvement. As individuals, leaders, and communities, we can achieve greater heights. Thank you, Leadership San Antonio Class 48, for your selfless participation, insightful questions, and unwavering dedication to enhancing education!

Together, let’s continue to build a brighter, more connected future for San Antonio’s students.

Special Thanks: 

Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia

Dr. Mike Flores, Chancellor, Alamo Colleges District

Dr. Sarah Baray, CEO, Pre-K 4 SA

Dr. Brian Woods, Deputy Executive Director, Advocacy, Texas Association of School Administrators

Kristy Dean, Endeavors

Katie Ferrier, VP Public Policy, Education & Workforce Development, Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Tammy Wyatt, Senior Vice Provost for Student Success, UTSA

Dr. Saul Hinojosa, Former Superintendent, Somerset ISD

Romanita Matta Barrera, Chief Business Advancement Officer, greaterSATX

Gracie Lozano, Vice President, Senior HR Business USAA

O’Connor High School – Agriculture

Pedrotti’s Ranch

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