LSA Class 47 meets for an exciting and informative Education Day

Last Wednesday, Leadership San Antonio Class 47 gathered at the AT&T Center for a transformative Education Day. This event brought together leaders from various industries, educational institutions, and community organizations to discuss the state of education in San Antonio and explore ways to provide better access to high-paying jobs for underserved communities. With a packed agenda featuring esteemed speakers, engaging panel discussions, and inspiring stories, the event left attendees motivated and enlightened about the future of education in the city.

The Education Day commenced with opening remarks by Dave Petersen, Interim President and CEO of the San Antonio Chamber. Petersen set the tone for the day by emphasizing the importance of education and its impact on the overall prosperity of the city. The first venue, the AT&T Center, provided an inspiring backdrop for the event, symbolizing the potential for growth and progress through education.

 Dr. Paula Johnson, the first speaker of the day, offered a comprehensive overview of the current state of education in San Antonio. Her thought-provoking presentation shed light on the challenges faced by the education system and highlighted the opportunities for improvement. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and potential solutions to elevate education in the city.

At HOLT CAT, Peter J. Holt and Corinna Holt Richter, accompanied by facilitator Dan Norris, explored the vital role of partnerships between companies and the education system. Their discussion centered on how such collaborations can create pathways to high-paying jobs for individuals from low socioeconomic communities. The session showcased the power of synergy and the positive impact that businesses can have on local education.

The UTSA School of Data Science provided a vibrant setting for the next segment of the Education Day. Attendees were treated to a mesmerizing performance by St. Mary’s Hall Upper School Vocal Ensemble and pianist Bethany Bohall, highlighting the importance of the arts in education. Then, a panel discussion featuring influential leaders, including Bianca Rhodes, Megan Mustain, Ph.D., Dr. Henrietta Muñoz, and Mr. George H. Johnson III, focused on the transformational power of post-secondary education. The panelists shared insights and strategies for taking education to the next level, fostering innovation, and preparing individuals for emerging industries.

David Mongeau, the Founding Director of UTSA School of Data Science, delivered an insightful talk on how post-secondary education centers can unlock unique industries and high-paying jobs for San Antonio residents. His speech emphasized the importance of aligning educational programs with the needs of the job market, fostering entrepreneurship, and leveraging technology to propel economic growth.

Enrique Salinas III, a student, took the stage to share his personal experience of how education transformed his life. His heartfelt story resonated with the audience, reminding them of the profound impact education can have on individuals and communities. Salinas’s journey served as a powerful motivation to continue working towards educational equity and inclusivity.

The Education Day concluded at the AT&T Center with a special presentation by Robby Brown, Executive VP of Documation, and Akeem Brown, CEO and Founder of Essence Preparatory. Documation’s generous donation of an interactive whiteboard to Essence Preparatory symbolized the commitment of the LSA participants to give back to the community and invest in San Antonio education programs.

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