LSA Spotlight

Name: Dr. Alison Wiesenthal, M.D.

What do you do?
Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center

How do you uniquely contribute to San Antonio (during this time)?
We just completed a city-wide document to help manage the COVID swell if/when it comes. It is specifically catered to the unique needs of San Antonio and designed to provide fair and equitable health care access.

I love LSA because…
I got the best mangoritas ever on Saturday at my former LSA CoChair’s Drive Thru Fiesta alongside about half our LSA300 class. It’s a family, and whatever the need, small or big, we find a way to support each other.

How can LSA show we care and are ready to help?
Support your fellow members. A lot of them are part of small businesses— even if it’s buying a drive thru mangorita, little things mean a lot.

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