LSA48 Class Day 1: Serve With Heart

“Leadership is service, not position.” – Tim Fargo

What happens when you bring 55 powerhouse servant leaders together for a full day of community service? They impact the lives of over a thousand local families. As LSA Class 48 has committed to integrating service into every class day, they hit the ground running by dedicating their first-class day entirely to overcoming food insecurity as a community.

LSA Service Day, coined “Serve With Heart,” was organized by Steering Committee Mentors Amanda Crouch and Rachel Holland with the intention of exploring the origins of food insecurity, how different populations in our community are impacted, challenges to overcoming food insecurity, and the various organizations and initiatives providing support to families in need. After a compelling educational panel led by representatives from NEISD, SA Metropolitan Health District, Military Family Advisory Network and Gardopia Gardens, the cohort took action by preparing meals at Meals on Wheels, harvesting produce at the San Antonio Food Bank, and unboxing inventory at Snack Pak for Kids San Antonio. As a result, the class prepared 440 breakfast packs, 300 weekend packs, and 325 hygiene kits for the elderly, packed 800 snack packs for children K-12, and unboxed 26,820 boxes of crackers – directly benefiting more than 1,000 San Antonio individuals and families.

Yet, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this day was not just the sheer volume of aid provided but the spirit of servant leadership that infused every action. As author and entrepreneur Tim Fargo once said, “Leadership is service, not position.” In embodying this principle, LSA Class 48 exemplified what it truly means to lead with compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to uplift others.

As our day came to a close, it became evident that Serve With Heart was more than just a single day of service—it was the beginning of a transformative journey. United by a shared vision and a commitment to making a difference, Leadership San Antonio Class 48 stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the fight against food insecurity. And as they continue to lead by example, they remind us all that true leadership begins with a willingness to serve with heart.

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